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Atheists Vs Christian Theists

Now nothing gets a True Christian Believer more annoyed; gets their knickers in a knot; gets them hot under the collar than having a Non-Believer question their logic, rational and overall I.Q. Assuming they don’t lash out in anger (not a given – after all no one likes their philosophical / theological worldview questioned), they will just retort with what degree their logic, rational and I.Q. allow for.


Atheists usually start the ball off rolling with their justification for their lack of belief that God (or for that matter any god(s) or deity / deities) actually exists by asking the True Christian Believer (i.e. – the theist) for their evidence to the contrary, often saying that that which is asserted (by theists) without evidence (like God) can easily be equally be rejected (by atheists) without evidence*.

Atheists note that the burden of proof involving any positive claim – a claim that something IS so – is on the person making such a claim. So it is entirely legitimate for an atheist to ask a True Christian Believer, what is your proof, or at least your evidence, that your Christian God actually exists?

Standard Christian Reply Number One: Faith is the be-all-and-end-all! It is NOT a matter of proof or of evidence; it is a matter of pure faith that there is a Christian God in actual existence.

Standard Atheist Reply One: Why would you (i.e. – True Christian Believer) have faith in a concept for which there is no actual evidence? Faith is NOT a reliable pathway to absolute truth. You don’t have faith in the existence of anything else (i.e. – like Santa Claus or fairies at the bottom of your garden) when whatever that something else is, is totally lacking in having any solid evidence for that anything else’s actual existence; existence that is based in a really real reality. Belief in a something without evidence that that something actually exists makes no logical sense.

Standard Christian Reply Number Two: The Bible is a historically true and accurate account of the existence of God and his ‘son’ Jesus.

Standard Atheist Reply Two: The Bible is just a book. By Christian logic therefore, James Bond, Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes all exist too and for that matter so does Plato’s Atlantis. Anyone can write a book and write down what they want to (including pure fiction and quasi-historical fiction) and the Bible, like any other book, was written by humans (living at a certain time and place in history) for humans (also living at that certain time and place in history). Authors today I’m sure aren’t writing their novels with a view that people 2000 – 3000 years from now will consider their literary efforts still worthy of their rapt attention. In any event, the Biblical (tall) tales were written by (lots of) human authors – in fact oft plagiarised from other works of literature that were around at the time – all having nothing to do with any actual input from any actual deity. In fact the Bible lacks any historically independent or archaeological evidence to back up the claim that God (and Jesus) actually existed, in the exact same way that “Gone with the Wind” provides no historical / archaeological evidence that Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara ever actually existed, or that “Ben Hur” existed.

Further, the Bible contains so many contradictions, inconsistencies and plain downright absurdities that it makes the exploits of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny (or if you rather James Bond, Hercules, Harry Potter, Batman & Sherlock Holmes) pale in comparison.

Standard Christian Reply Number Three: I have personally experienced the spiritual presence of God (and/or Jesus). Therefore, God (and/or Jesus) must exist. I know God exists because I feel His presence right here in my heart.

Standard Atheist Reply Three: Firstly, the easiest person to fool is yourself! Secondly, personal experiences are just that – personal and subjective. What you spiritually experience cannot be verified by any independent means and thus constitutes zero objective evidence, no matter how much you personally believe. People experience all manner of events that are intensely personal, even spiritual, from encounters with angels with golden plates to ghosts and aliens to out-of-body experiences, to all manner of visions both in and out of altered states of consciousness. Unless there are other forms of independently verifiable evidence, “I know what I saw” remains absolutely centred on the word “I”. “I” know that God exists does not prove that God exists. Oh, and by the way, the heart is just a muscle that pumps blood around the body, no more and no less. If you feel anything in your heart – and heartburn has nothing to do with your heart – you’d better call your MD / GP real quick-smart.

Standard Christian Reply Number Four: Where did everything come from if not from God. In other words, why is there something rather than nothing?

Standard Atheist Reply Four A: There are two standard replies here. Firstly, you, and not even God, can create an absolute state of something from an absolute state of nothingness. Therefore, something has always existed and therefore there is no need for God to have created stuff. The related standard reply is that there are near infinitely more ways for something to exist than for nothing to exist – there is only one way for nothing to exist – and in any event if just nothing existed we wouldn’t be here to ask the question of why there is something rather than nothing in the first place.

Standard Atheist Reply Four B: The second standard reply if that if God created from nothing life, the Universe and everything, then who or what created God? God cannot logically be the sole exception to what theists claim is the First Cause rule, something initially caused / created (i.e. – life, the Universe and everything) by an unmoved mover or an uncaused cause (i.e. – God). If God designed life, the Universe and everything, then who designed the designer? The question is a valid one since God could not have designed and created Himself.

Standard Christian Reply Number Five: Just like the ants can’t comprehend the big pictures or the master plans of humans and human societies and cultures, so too we can’t comprehend God’s Big Picture or His Master Plan. We are to God what the ants are to us.

Standard Atheist Reply Five: If atheists are denied from seeing The Big Picture / God’s Master Plan, then so too are those True Christian Believers. But in any event, unlike ants, humans do have a reasonable IQ and if we can come to terms with the mathematics behind String Theory or unravel the secrets within the quantum realm, then I’m pretty sure we could comprehend God’s Big Picture / Master Plan. The problem is that God keeps His playing cards very close to His chest. If fact we can’t even see God’s chest. We can’t even see God. God has got to quit playing hid-and-seek and come out into the open and show us His cards. Of course maybe playing hide-and-seek IS God’s Master Plan, in which case God’s pretty dumb – assuming of course that there actually is a God in the first damn place.

Standard Christian Reply Number Six: God did it! We don’t understand X, Y & Z therefore God is responsible.

Standard Atheist Reply Six: The God (of the Gaps) Hypothesis has no explanatory power. It’s just a lazy answer – a cop-out answer. No one would actually get off their duff and investigate anything since it is far easier to recline back in your armchair and just say the magic word – “God” (or “Satan” if it was something more in his domain). One in fact might as well say an extraterrestrial or a wizard or a witch / warlock practising their craft or pixies did it. Once upon a time we didn’t understand lightning therefore a pissed off Zeus or Thor produced the lightning bolts. Zeus did it; Thor is responsible.

Standard Christian Reply Number Seven: Intelligent Design. Life, the Universe and everything is obviously designed by an intelligence. The only being who could pull off such a master-design would have to be God. Intelligent Design proves God must exist.

Standard Atheist Reply Seven: If God intelligently designed life, the Universe and everything, then there should be flaws in that design. God’s report card should be a 100% straight A+. Alas, marks have to be subtracted for less than optimum design. While dozens of examples could be given, I’ll just note three. Your common throat / windpipe lead in two different directions – to the stomach and to the lungs. The commonality therefore leads to numerous people choking to death every year. The male reproductive system shares piping with the waste elimination system which isn’t what most people would call an intelligent design. And why would God intelligently design a 13.8 billion year old Universe with associated billions of galaxies each containing billions of stars (nearly all of which we can’t even see with the unaided eye) just for little old us who haven’t been around to even enjoy the spectacle for nearly 99.9999% of that 13.8 billion year existence. If that’s intelligent design then God must of had a real series of off days back in the days of His creation and creative abilities.

Standard Christian Reply Number Eight: Since God exists outside of time & space, there can obviously be no obvious physical evidence for God within our space and within our time. The frames of reference aren’t the same.

Standard Atheist Reply Eight: If God exists outside of time then God cannot move and therefore God cannot change or initiate change, for the concept of time IS change and change IS motion. If God exists outside of space; if God occupies zero space, then God is just a point which is dimensionless. If God is dimensionless then God has zero substance and zero structure. That’s hardly a state in which one can create stuff.

Standard Christian Reply Number Nine: Where did our morality come from if not from God? Without God everything is permissible yet everything is not permissible; there is no open slather when it comes to morality.

Standard Atheist Reply Nine: This is absolutely the worst answer any True Christian Believer could give, for, if anyone practised – put into actual practice – God’s and God’s Biblical morality – what God does; what God sanctions; what God asks others to do in His name – he or she would be arrested in every country on Earth (past as well as present) and executed in many. One example, of multi-dozens that could be given, will illustrate this – the Tenth Plague inflicted on ancient Egypt. The other nine weren’t so nice either. Whatever morals humans have adopted, and none have been adopted universally at all times, in all places, within all cultures and societies, they most certainly did NOT come from God or from God’s holy word (i.e. – the Bible).

Standard Christian Reply Number Ten: A) Religion and God / Jesus gives great comfort to people and religion or religious institutions provides great social services (i.e. – charity work) to those in distress or in need. B) Further, religion has been the inspiration for thousands of magnificent art works – stained glass windows; sculptures; paintings; musical compositions (i.e. – hymns and various choral works); architecture; and on it goes.

Standard Atheist Reply Ten: This is all quite true. A) But on the other hand, religion, theism in the name of your brand of god (or God), has been responsible for some if not most of the worst atrocities ever recorded, at least since written history came into being. On the other hand, there have been no atrocities committed in the name of atheism, which of course is not the same thing as saying – as theists are fond of doing – that some atheists haven’t committed or been responsible for seeing committed atrocities. They just weren’t done in the actual name of atheism in much the same way that an atheist might knock on your door but not in the name of promoting atheism, perhaps they are selling insurance – quite unlike people of religious faith who will door-knock selling you their brand of faith. B) So what? There are also multi-thousands of magnificent art works including sculptures; paintings; musical compositions (i.e. -like various choral works); and architecture that have no connection with anything religious in any shape manner or form. In any event, none of these theist arguments of necessity provide actual evidence for God.

*There is nothing different in principle between this scenario and the Christian theist who lacks any belief in the existence of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny (or any one of thousands of other mythological characters, including gods, goddesses and other assorted theological entities). Having a Christian theist explain their lack of belief in Athena (Greek), Thor (Norse) or The Aten (Egyptian) is exactly equivalent to an atheist explaining their lack of belief in the Christian theist’s Christian Yahweh.


Theists are very fond of putting $64,000 questions to atheists, trying to put them on the spot by getting them to explain the who, what, where, when, why and how of things without referencing God. Let’s turn the tables. Here are some atheist $64,000 questions for a Christian True Believer.

Q1. Why don’t Christian theists accept Zeus & company (or – fill in the blank here) as your one true gaggle of gods?

A1. There is no actual evidence for Zeus, etc. (just like there is no evidence for God), and because you weren’t born and raised in ancient Greece (or Rome if you’re thinking instead of Jupiter & company).

Q2. Can you explain why your religion and your God is the one and only one true religion and God relative to all those other variation on the theological theme and not just state it as some alleged ‘fact’?

A2. Every True Believer is an atheist when it comes to any and every other religion and its associated god / gods or deity / deities. Real atheistic atheists just go one religion / god further to include your religion and your God.

Q3. Did you choose your religion, your belief system of your own free will, or (more likely as not) did your religion choose you (i.e. – were you just born into it as a matter of just blind chance or fate)?

A3. Most people of faith were born into that faith because their parents, family, school teachers, the wider community, etc. were nearly all of that faith. That’s why you have predominately Christian countries; Jewish countries, Islamic countries; Hindu countries; centres of Mormonism, etc.

Q4. What evidence can you present that convinces you that you’re right with respect to your theological belief system? What evidence can you present that should convince me that I’m wrong in rejecting your theological belief system?

A4. I’ve witnessed multi-dozens of theist vs. atheist debates and I have yet to be convinced that any theist argument nails it in providing overwhelming evidence that their theological belief system is the be-all-and-end-all of theology. Quite the contrary.

Q5. So what are you going to say for yourself when you die and end up meeting and greeting Shiva or Allah?

A5. “Oops”. [And atheists, if unexpectedly confronted by God at those alleged Pearly Gates, can easily offer up their rationality for their theological (or anti-theological) worldview by just noting that God gave them a brain to think with and so can’t be upset when that is exactly what they did with their God-given grey-matter. If God is going to play hide-and-seek with the evidence for His actual existence, well that’s hardly the atheist’s fault.]

Q6. Have you obeyed all of the multi-hundreds of Biblical instructions including doing no work / labour on the Sabbath and observing all of those dozens of food restrictions (involving pork, bacon, ham, hot dogs, sausage, clams, oysters, mussels, crabs, lobsters, shrimp / prawns and marine / freshwater snails as well as products containing fat and blood)? No? Do you have a tattoo? Yes? Do you ever lust? Yes? Do you wear jewellery? Yes?

A6. I’m a sinner! I so deserve to be tortured for all eternity in Hell just because I gave into temptation and once lusted after and ate a hot dog.

Q7. Do you really believe in talking snakes and donkeys and in those Biblical unicorns? Can you really be turned into a pillar of salt? Does Pi really have a value of exactly three? Is there really a correlation between strength and hair length?

A7. If the Bible says it happened then it happened. The Bible is 100% true because the Bible is the absolute word of God Almighty! Of course anyone who has actually read the Bible cover-to-cover either has to assume that God is a total dickhead and an absolute waste or space, or else God (of the Bible) was just created in the image of man (i.e. – human-kind).

Q8. Do you believe in the actual existence of leprechauns?

A8. The honest answer is, “I don’t know”; “I absolutely cannot rule them out”; “millions of Irish men, women and children can’t be absolutely wrong”. The dishonest answer for Christian True Believers (or any other religiously inclined fanatic) is” Of course not”; “there’s no such things as leprechauns”; “there is no actual evidence of or for leprechauns” – Oops. The hypocrisy and the double-standards part and parcel of religious True Believers are now well and truly on display.

In conclusion, Christian theists, True Believers, have failed to show beyond any reasonable doubt that their Christian God is the be-all-and-end-all of gods (i.e. – the Christian God is the one and only true God). Christian True Believers have also failed to show beyond any reasonable doubt that their very own holy book, The Bible, is the be-all-and-end-all of fundamental religious texts (i.e. – The Bible is the one and only true holy book and is the absolute word of God). Ultimately a Christian True Believer is entitled to believe anything they wish. However, it is always interesting to ascertain the logic and reasoning (such as it is) behind a blind belief system.

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