Moms, Money and Mindset

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Moms, Money and Mindset

It’s okay to talk about the economic plight of women right now. Mothers around the world are looking for ways to take better financial care of their families, whether they are single or married. And, we certainly know that security cannot be achieved by working for others.

We grew up in families that preached, “Go to school…get a good job”. But, now that the economy (job market, credit accessibility, and pricing) has changed before our eyes, we need to realize that now is the time to improve our financial lives. Now another good job is being good enough. During this time, those who choose to ignore creative ways to add to their bottom line may be sacrificing how financially comfortable they may be later.

Anyone can start an extra income stream this month very easily and without a huge outlay of cash. Look at restauranteur Paula Deen. He was in a situation where he had to support his two sons and himself: he had to make it happen. With a few dollars and sweat equity, Paula launched what would one day become a multi-million dollar business. Although there were days where he was scared and down, he persevered and accomplished amazing things in his business. And to make his story even more inspiring, he started his business after the age of 40.

Paula’s story is truly encouraging, but not entirely unique. She did what many mothers who have taken their financial ability into their own hands. But what made him take drastic measures to get this business off the ground? It had everything to do with his mindset.

What set her apart and many other successful women entrepreneurs who felt stuck and unable to move forward was her mindset. Until a mother determines that she needs to make something happen for herself, she can overcome her emotional blocks. Economically, many of us are fighting against limited thinking.

Our first task is to be aware that what we perceive to be true may not be true. Often, we accept perceptions as truth. We don’t question why we think the way we do, we just let our thoughts define what we can or can’t do. For example, some of us may often make the statement, “I can’t afford to…”. Is your declaration really a reality or your perception?

You may not have the money at that moment, but does that mean you really can’t afford the item? We should all drop the phrase “I can’t afford…” from our thoughts because what we are saying is that abundance does not flow into our lives. And, if we continue to subscribe to this belief, it will be difficult for us to live abundantly.

Your first assignment: Think about something you recently wanted and told yourself you couldn’t afford. Think about whether you really wanted that item or if you were just making that comment out of habit. If you find yourself saying it out of habit, the next time you think of it, start by writing off the thought (and never verbalize it). If you decide you really want that item, think of three (3) ways you can afford it. Think of opportunities and solutions that can bring in additional income streams without having to get a job.

We moms can do miracles when our backs are against the wall. We will come out fighting, especially when the well-being of our children is at stake. Many mom millionaires started their journey to wealth when they felt, for whatever reason, they had no choice. In many cases, a way was made out of no means. Whatever mental blocks they had about money were shattered when something happened financially.

But, what do you do when you want to make significant financial changes in your life, but you’re not in an emergency and don’t know where to start?

The first place you need to start is deciding if you really want to change or if you’re just paying lip-service to having a healthy relationship with money. And make no mistake about it, one of the mental blocks we have to accumulating wealth is our relationship with money.

Once you have decided that you really want to change, you must look at your views on money from two different perspectives.

The first perspective focuses on your worldly view of wealth. Does this belief sound familiar?

o There is not enough money in the world.

o Money doesn’t grow on trees.

o How much money I have (or may not have) controls the world (or this society).

o It’s really hard to make money in this economy.

o Fill in the blanks with any other worldly beliefs you may have about money:_____________________

The second perspective focuses on your personal beliefs about your ability to get money. Does any of this resonate with you?

o I will never be rich.

o I am not eligible for wealth.

o I am not so wise as to how to acquire wealth.

o I don’t have enough education to become rich.

o Fill in the blanks with any other personal beliefs you have about money:______________________

Now that we’ve determined our mindset about money, it’s time to take steps to develop healthy beliefs.

One of the first things we do is recognize that our thoughts or beliefs are not necessarily true. These are just things that we have been told over and over and that we can now accept as truth. Remember that belief is a way of seeing something.

Let’s practice an analysis of your beliefs:

1. Look at the beliefs you wrote down. Now, cross out those thoughts and write next to them, “I have a false belief that…(fill it in with beliefs you’ve overcome)

2. Completely identify your false belief and write it down. An example is “I will never be financially free”.

3. Determine the attached meaning behind your false belief, such as “My family has always struggled = I will always struggle”.

4. What would you rather replace your false belief with? (An example would be, “I can be rich”).

5. When do you remember first identifying with this false belief? do you know (An example would be, “My father always said money doesn’t grow on trees.”)

6. What is my desired new belief? (“Money can flow easily to me.”)

7. Now really visualize what your new belief looks like. How will you look while living this new life? How do you act? How would it feel? How will your life be?

8. What are your new beliefs?

If you find that you cannot fully accept your new belief after doing this exercise, move on to this next exercise.

Focus on resources

If you constantly focus on what you don’t have, you will continue to struggle with not having. You need to start focusing on what you want, a healthy relationship with more wealth and money. Wherever your thoughts flow, your actions will follow. If you keep wealth-building at the forefront of your mind, you’ll soon see your actions change, bringing you closer to making a wealthy life a reality.

There is a very simple way to start focusing on wealth. Start by picking up a book on wealth creation or reading a biography about a wealthy person. You can find great resources on the Internet or at your local library, but a couple of obvious choices are Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Finally, if you feel that your thoughts have accumulated false beliefs, press the “pause” button in your mind. It blocks the thought and prevents you from being drawn further into it. Instead of negative thoughts, think positively about something else. Do this when you confront your false beliefs.

Most importantly, find ways to build wealth by taking massive steps every day to improve your income stream. Researching how others have done it will help you tremendously. If you can find a (wealthy) mentor to help you on your journey, it will make it even better. And even if you can’t, you can always model yourself and your business after someone who has done something similar, eg, if you want to start a food business, read a book by Paula Deen.

But don’t just read about how others got rich, do it! Make their move your move. Create a plan using what you have learned from others. Now is a perfect time to achieve financial success because so many successful people are sharing their journeys and information is so easily available.

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