Where The Rubber Meets The Road- A True Story-The Book Isn’t It Time To Take Jesus And Yourself Down Off That Cross? – Part 2

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Isn’t It Time To Take Jesus And Yourself Down Off That Cross? – Part 2

This is the second part of an article by the same name.

Now that we understand that Jesus was never about dying for our sins, that this idea was strictly Paul’s, let’s go back to Jesus’ two commandments, to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself. Again, this means allowing yourself to become the love of God that you are and then there’s no one you cannot love. No one has ever really wanted to love unconditionally because, like Paul, we’ve all been addicted to our suffering and victimhood. This addiction comes from having a belief that Jesus came to take away our suffering, but only after we die. Christians accept that while we’re alive, life includes suffering. This belief says, that’s okay because one day we’re going to be with Jesus and that’s when there will be no more suffering. Meanwhile, as long as we’re alive, we don’t really mind if we suffer-that is, so long as it gives Jesus a good reason to smile on us. But since we are God also, the creator of our entire reality, this belief is actually the reason we continuously create suffering situations and then turn to Jesus in prayer, asking for it to be taken away or at the very least, asking for strength to be able to endure our self-created suffering. In addition, because of all the rules we feel bound by, we don’t allow ourselves to have too much pleasure for fear of what Jesus might think. So there is a holding back of our real nature to be fully expressed, which keeps us rather unauthentic because there’s a part of us that we know wants to be expressed but we cannot allow ourselves to be expressed in that way, because of fear of stepping over the boundaries of the law that we believe Jesus laid down for us. In the truest sense of the word, this is insanity.

What this actually amounts to is that we are not choosing life-not in the truest sense. I mean, to be fully ensconced into life. This is not allowed by our victim belief. If we need Jesus to save us then we also need to obey Jesus. And because we believe Paul was speaking for Jesus, we bought into his rules. And Paul was all about controlling yourself-keeping your desires in check (which by the way, is why getting rid of unwanted habits is such a challenge-because the rules demand that we push away such habits, which only causes them to return-this is the nature of energy). In addition, the very attempt to keep ourselves under control makes a statement to the universe that says, “I don’t really want to live life fully. I’d rather live life reserved so that everything is safe and orderly around me.” This is also a fear of change, a fear of life itself.

On the deepest level within, your cellular structure responds to this unconscious (but very real) statement by supporting it (for your body is in service to you-you are its master, it obeys you). When you are trying to keep everything under control and thus, running from life, your body supports you in this quest by breaking down. Your cells will reflect your choice by limiting the amount of energy they have since every day you limit your expression of the life that you have given yourself as the creator. After all, this is the command you’re giving your cells when you choose to keep your life under control. This interaction between the anti-life beliefs within your subconscious mind and your cells is going all the time without you realizing it. Your cells are then slowly breaking down in support of your choice to hold an anti-life belief and with a long term continuation of this belief in needing an outside savior and therefore, a willingness to endure suffering as a victim of life’s circumstances (with a mindset that says, “that’s just the way it is-it must be God’s will), it eventually shows up in the body, coming into your awareness with some form of disease. This doesn’t happen over night.

When this happens you are of course, baffled because you feel you’ve been such a good Christian. You ask, “Why me Jesus?” but get no satisfactory response. Oh, your pastor or friends will comfort you, and you will even comfort yourself to a degree by reassuring yourself that it must be God’s will, but part of you is not satisfied, which wears down your energy and can even cause a crisis of faith. “Where is God when I need Him?” This is happening because of having bought into the illusion of being separate from God, being an unworthy sinner (flawed at birth), and believing that Jesus is going to eventually get you into heaven. So what do you do? Well, your beliefs leave you no choice but to maintain your faith while suffering with a disease. The truth is, you literally created the disease as a sort of way of putting a convincing icing on the cake to an already faithful existence of serving God, all in an attempt to earn God’s approval because with a belief in being unworthy, you can never really know for sure whether you’ve actually paid enough dues to earn a place in heaven, so why not throw more suffering into the mix just for good measure. Believe it or not, this is what more often than not, is psychologically behind the emergence of a disease because you are the creator.

My dad was a great example of this. No one could deny that he was one of the most faithful and giving persons when it came to being in service to his Catholic faith. He spent his entire life in service, as a Cub Scout master when I was a kid, and later as a volunteer at the food pantry, part of the Catholic Social Services. He attended Mass and took Holy Communion faithfully, raised a family of ten, putting them all through parochial schools. And in the later years of his life, he increased his attendance to Mass to nearly everyday. He never boasted about any of this. In fact, he just quietly fulfilled his duties. And when my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he became the most loyal husband there ever was. He kept her home as long as he possibly could and when he finally had to put her into a home, he went there everyday to feed her a meal. Yes, my dad was a standard for what it means to be a faithful servant to Jesus.

However, despite all this, he contracted cancer and had to go through several Chemo treatments. He lost his hair and his energy was drained. Even then he still continued with his commitment to serve the church as much as possible. In addition to cancer he had a few heart attacks, one required four stints to be placed in his heart, and all of these experiences made him very tired. Eventually, when my mom died after several years with Alzheimer’s, this took the wind out of his sails and he was dead within four months. The truth is, on a deep level within his being, dad was the creator of all this. On the deepest level of our being, we all choose how we want our body to die. It doesn’t have to be painful but it so often is because of deep-seated beliefs that we carry without realizing it, beliefs that are anti-life, beliefs in the need to suffer in order to earn a spot in heaven.

Now, because we have historically been so stuck in the victim mindset, what my dad went through is very common. It happens to many and when the rest of us see it we can’t help but wonder why. “Why my dad of all people dear God? You know he was the most loyal of sons. Did you feel I needed to see him suffer so I’d know how much you loved him? Or did you want him to suffer so you could finally absolve all his sins once and for all, finally making him worthy of heaven? Or what? What was the reason he suffered?” There’s a need to know the answer to such questions but there is never a satisfactory answer because any religion that teaches we are separate from the divine cannot provide an answer. But I knew. I saw my dad for the amazing divine creator that he was. I loved the divine in him. And my compassion for him was to allow him to choose that which he wanted. And I knew that his need to be in service to God which included his need to suffer, came from a feeling of being unworthy at the deepest level of his being. There was a time when I shared this same unworthiness and need to sacrifice myself for God. It was an attempt to earn God’s approval. He never felt he was good enough. And this is what kept him from being content with the now moment rather than feeling he always had to be doing more.

When the now moment isn’t good enough, you’re always looking outside yourself for salvation from it-because it’s not good enough. So you want something, anything, to come along and take you out of this not good enough moment. And when something wonderful does come along, you revel in it, but only for a short time. It’s not long before a feeling of potential loss creeps in. This feeling says, “this is nice, but soon it will be over.” So even the wonderful feeling isn’t good enough. And it causes sadness when it’s over and there’s the feeling of wanting to re-create it so you can feel good again. Then you continually look back to the past in an attempt to re-create it in the future so you can finally enjoy your now moment. Yet, should you succeed in re-creating it, it’s still not good enough because it doesn’t last. You cannot hang onto any experience. The belief in being a victim in need of salvation creates this dilemma-this illusion of life never being good enough which causes a need to always look outside yourself for something better. It’s truly anti-life.

My dad’s father died when he was nine-years-old, so he grew up fast and never really had a father figure. So, he was always looking for it and like most of us, he turned to a faith in God, believing, or more accurately, needing God to love and accept him. And the truth is, the divine did adore everything about my dad-everything. But, like the Apostle, my dad could never accept this. He wanted to, but with the belief that he’s a victim of sin in need of salvation, he could never really be sure, so he always felt a need to do more. There are countless individuals on the planet who act out of the same need for salvation, individuals of all kinds of faiths, not just Christianity. And humanity as a collective are tired of it because this kind of being in service to God but meanwhile, having to suffer anyway is no longer any fun. We’re tired of heaven being promised later as long as you’re a believer and faithful and do good things, and all the rest. We want to experience heaven now.

There’s actually nothing authentic about living life this way because it’s all based on a lie. You are God also. You don’t need to be saved. You have never sinned. The divine in you adores everything about you. There is no law that says God needs you to be a certain way. Paul made this all up and the church bought into it because it supported their desire to be in control. There is a much easier and more fun way to live-but it requires that you choose to live life fully. But you have to choose to stop creating all the drama and suffering for yourself and since you are the creator, to do that you have to give up your victim mentality that you’re a sinner in need of salvation. In other words, you have to give Jesus a break here. You have to let him off the hook. In fact, you need to save him. You need to take him down off that cross, and even more importantly, you have to take yourself off of that cross and choose to begin living life to the fullest without any restrictions on your spirit because your spirit wants to soar like the eagles, if you would only allow it.

By doing this, you begin to realize you don’t need all that suffering and drama. You really don’t. You just thought you had to go through it for Jesus’ sake-or for your sake to prove you’re worthy to get into heaven. But that is all an illusion and you don’t need it-unless you still enjoy it and then by all means, continue. I won’t stop you. With great compassion and acceptance I will honor you as a divine creator for the choice that you are making.

When you choose to be the creator of your life, you realize that heaven is now. There is no heaven later because there is no later. This now moment is all you have. And what is heaven anyway? It is a state of joy and appreciation. So you choose to be joyful and to appreciate this now moment, no matter what it looks like. After all, you created it. Can you appreciate your own creation? You don’t need to wait for Jesus to take you into heaven. Heaven is now!

I must warn you however. To take responsibility requires letting go of all those so-called sins you believe you’ve committed. What is sin anyway? Traditionally sin has been defined as that which causes us to be out of favor with God. We do indeed have aspects that keep us alienated from being aware of and thus, actually experiencing the divine within us. I call these emotional aspects and we tend to allow ourselves to be victims of these aspects. Admittedly, it is so much easier to be a victim but it’s no fun at all. But you can’t let these aspects go while harboring a victim mentality. Without honoring and accepting them, which means having compassion for yourself for buying into the illusion of needing to be saved in the first place, your aspects will always wreak havoc on your emotions. Having total compassion is standing in the shoes of the divine because the divine adores all these aspects of you. It doesn’t see any sin-humans made that idea up. Nor does it judge you.

The divine has nothing but compassion for all of you, even for what you would consider to be your worst traits-the most non-lovable or unforgivable aspects of you. The divine understands why you created them, why you felt the need to act in such ways. The divine understands that you’ve just been having an experience all along. Sometimes the experience is fantastic and sometimes it sucks. Sometimes you’re loving and sometimes you hate. The divine understands this about you and honors you for making all choices. It doesn’t judge any of it. The idea that God judges was made up by humans who were alienated from their true nature of being divine and who thus felt the need to judge in order to cover up the pain that comes with such an illusion.

Stepping into the divine’s shoes is to allow the divine to meld with you-all of YOU. You choose to have compassion for all those aspects of you. You take responsibility for them. You don’t expect Jesus or anyone else to do it for you. You choose to love you no matter what. Can you truly love yourself no matter what? Life isn’t about what you choose to do, it’s about choosing to love yourself no matter what-no matter if you have money or not, no matter if you are accepted by others or not, no matter if you find that perfect relationship with another or not, no matter that none of your dreams have ever happened, no matter that you’re angry about all this or not, no matter that you’re sad and lonely about such a situation or not, no matter if you’re jealous about others success or not, no matter if you hate yourself or not, no matter what-you choose to be with yourself and to love yourself. You accept and allow all of you-all that you are, including all these aspects. This is self-love, and it’s also loving God-same thing. This is the greatest commandment that Jesus was speaking about.

Loving and accepting yourself begins with the breath. Breathe in the life force energy that exists everywhere. Allow it to flow up to the top of your head and out. Allow it to flow all the way down your body and out through you toes. Feel this life force energy as it flows through your entire body. Feel the tingling in your hands and feet. Feeling this life force energy puts you in touch with the divine, which is who you really are. This is the beginning of connecting to your soul and this is going to allow you to begin feeling compassion for everything about you, even those aspects of you that you loathe.

When you’ve honored all your aspects, whether they are hurting, angry, jealous, bitter, sad, resentful, depressed, or whatever-ALL of your aspects, then you can’t help but love everyone else because everyone else also has these aspects. We all carry within us both the light and the dark energies. You feel compassion for them because you’ve loved yourself first so you understand why others carry these aspects, and you can empathize.

The divine in each of us wants to be fully expressed without restrictions. This means the divine wants us to open up our hearts and begin loving everyone unconditionally, starting with ourselves. This is the age of the New Energy. It’s the beginning of a new era for humanity in which we are moving out of the control of our minds and into being authentic through living from our heart. It is a time in which we will choose to make heaven now, no longer waiting until after we die to finally experience it. A choice to get in touch with the divine within you is a pro-life choice. Thus, this is even the beginning of the end of disease because when we choose life our cells will support this by coming fully alive and healthy. It is time to take both Jesus and yourself down off the cross. We can do this by letting go of the two illusions that we have all been stuck in: 1) that we are separate from the divine, and 2) that we are flawed at birth. This involves letting go of our victim mentality and our need to be saved. Making a choice to do so is making a choice for life-to live life to the fullest.

Easter is a time when Christians look to Jesus’ resurrection as a symbol of hope. He ascended into heaven and we hope that one day we to will be taken up like that. But Jesus was resurrected because he understood that he was divine and chose to live as a standard of unconditional love. He mastered loving everything about himself. So if we truly want to ascend into heaven in the same way Jesus did, we have to follow in his footsteps by taking responsibility to love everything about ourselves. Breathe in the life energy and allow yourself to a channel for the unconditional love of the divine.

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